Donkey and dog – Don’t tear each other down at work.

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Once, a donkey and a dog went out with their master. Halfway through the journey, the tired master fell asleep while resting, so the donkey chewed and nibbled the grass on the roadside.
The dog saw the donkey eating the grass and felt hungry in his belly, so he said to the donkey, “Dear partner, please get down and come. I want to eat the food in the bread basket.”
The donkey ignored the dog and buried his head in the grass because he feared wasting the excellent time interfering with the meal.
“Honey, I beg you to get down for a little while, okay?” The dog pleaded once more.
“My friend, I would advise you to wait and see. When the master wakes up from his sleep, he will give you a well-earned meal, and he will not sleep long.” The donkey pretended to be deaf and dumb for a while and finally spoke back. Just then, a hungry wolf came running down the hill, and the donkey immediately called the dog to drive it away, but the hungry dog would not help, and he answered back, “Friend, I advise you to run away, and come back when your master wakes up! He won’t keep you waiting long, so run away! If the wolf catches up with you, kick it hard with the hoof your master has newly fitted to you, and break its chin…….”
The wolf rushed over and bitten the donkey to death just as the dog was still saying these windy words.
When the owner woke up and saw the bloody donkey lying on the ground, he immediately understood what was going on, and in a fit of rage, he killed the dog.
The donkey and the dog demolished each other, resulting in a lose-lose situation.
In the workplace, if you do not know how to unite and are unwilling to integrate into the group, you will be rejected and kept away by others.
Do things, if you can join forces with other colleagues, the power of the crowd can shake down a mountain, if you are always high and proud, unwilling to unite with others, then you can not learn from the strengths of all, and can not always be successful, independent a person to solve problems.
Remember: there is a team before there is an individual, and only by fully contributing your strengths can you grow with the team because the struggle alone is far more complicated than the group effort.

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