Dogs and Roosters Fight Foxes – If you don’t have good intentions, you won’t get good rewards.

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The dog and the rooster were good friends, and they met to go on a trip together. One day at nightfall, they came to a forest, the rooster leapt up to rest on a branch, and the dog dozed off in a hole in the tree below.

The rooster crowed as usual when the darkness passed, and the sky became brighter. The fox heard the rooster and came to follow the sound, thinking about how to catch the rooster and make it his breakfast. So he frowned, and the plan came to him.

The fox ran to the tree and said flatteringly, “Yo, you are really a remarkable bird, beautiful and generous, simply better than the peacock, and have such a loud singing voice, better than the divine song in the sky, come down, my dear friend, let’s sing a morning song and have some fun together, okay?”

The rooster recognized the fox’s trick but replied with deliberate delight, “Excellent, my friend. Tell you what, go under the tree and ask my watchman to open the door for you.”

The fox approached the hole in the tree happily, and the dog suddenly came out, grabbed the fox, and tore it to pieces.
Those with malicious hearts will never get a good reward; those bent on hurting others will eventually lose their lives. Therefore, we should always have good intentions instead of malice.

In life, even if their schemes succeed for a while, but not forever, those with malice in their hearts and insidiousness can not always be unrecognized. And once they are known, such people have no place in society. Because no one likes to live with bad-hearted people, and bad-hearted people, wherever they go, are rats across the street – everyone shouting.

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