Dispatch and muddle will suffer a big loss.

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I was working in a marketing planning company five years ago when a friend approached me, saying that their company wanted to do small-scale market research. My friend said that the market research is very simple; he found two more people who can do it; I hope I come out to the business. Next, he went to work; my gatekeeper’s final market research report would give me a fee.
It was a very small deal, no big deal. After the report came out, it was obvious to me that there was some water in it, so I just made some word processing and changes and turned it in. For me, that was the end of it.
One day last year, a few friends pulled me into a project team to complete the overall marketing plan for a newly opened large mall in Beijing. Unexpectedly, the other party’s business director clearly said he was not impressed with me, and it turned out that this gentleman was the client of the marketing research project back then.
I was dumbfounded and unable to explain anything.
This incident gave me a great stimulus, and now I look back and see that the money I got at that time was not worth mentioning, but for this money, I caused such a negative impact on myself!
Many times, we will inadvertently deal with or dismiss some things, or people that we think are not important, but this casual irresponsible, unprofessional or unethical behaviour can cause some very bad effects or consequences in your later life path, not necessarily some point, suddenly appear, so that you regret the behaviour of the year.
In your work career, there is no casual dismissal of small people, small things, what seeds are planted, the future must reap what kind of fruit, this is what the people often say karma.
Big things are made up of small things; small things are not handled seriously, then big things and who dares to agree with it? Please take everything around you, everyone, and yourself seriously.

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