Determining the goal in a difficult situation to succeed

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A large ship met with a sudden storm in the sea and sank, killing and injuring countless people on board. But one man was lucky to get a small lifeboat and was spared. His lifeboat was tossed and turned in the wind and waves, like a leaf being blown around, and gradually he lost his way, and the rescuers did not find him.
It was getting dark, and hunger and cold and fear came together. However, he had nothing but this lifeboat; the disaster made him lose all, even his glasses, his heart was gray to the extreme, and he looked helplessly at the sky, and suddenly, he saw a piece of apparition lights, he was so happy that he almost screamed out. He paddled the boat with great effort and advanced toward the morning. However, the light seemed very far away, and he did not reach it even after dawn.
He continued to row the boat with great difficulty, thinking that since he could see the light there, it must be a city or a port, and the hope of life was burning in his heart, and during the day, the light was not visible, but only at night, the light flashed everywhere, like a wave to him.
Three days passed, and hunger, thirst, and fatigue more seriously tormented him; many times, he felt like he was about to collapse, but the thought of the light in the distance, suddenly added a lot of strength.
On the fourth day, he was still rowing to the light, and finally, due to physical exhaustion, he passed out, but the light still flashed in his mind.
That night, he was finally rescued by a passing ship; when he woke up, we learned that he had not eaten and drunk at sea for 4 days and 4 nights; when someone asked him how to stay down, he pointed to the light in the distance and said! “It’s that light that gives me hope.”
When people looked, there was no light; just the stars twinkling in the sky!

In the journey of our lives, we are bound to encounter various setbacks and difficulties. At this time, as long as there is a firm thought in your mind, and you try hard to find it, you will get through it.

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