Death and the older man – Fear is more powerful than death.

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One morning, Death walked toward a city.
“What are you going to do?” An older man asked.
“I’m going to take 1,000 people.” Death replied.
“That’s terrible!” The older man said.
“That’s the truth,” Death said, “Hades has decreed that I must do it.”
The older man ran to warn everyone that Death was coming.
At night, this older man ran into Death again.
“You told me you were going to take 1,000 people,” the old man said, “but why did 10,000 people die?”
“I did what I said,” replied Death, “I took 1,000 people, and fear took the rest. So, it wasn’t my fault!”
People often say that a disaster killed a specific person. It is not valid; someone lost their life in such and such a disaster, many times not because of the disaster itself but because of fear.
This short story tells us that emotional fear is deadly and more powerful than Death. However, there is always a way to release fear, and as long as you have your advocate, can always stay calm, and can quit negative emotions such as anxiety, Death will look away even amid a disaster.

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