Dancing Elephant – Don’t make excuses for yourself.

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Elephants are tall and often ridiculed by the animals as “dumb dumber.”
A small elephant in the animal gala sees many animals dancing to the music; the posture is wonderful, and the small elephant is very envious. So, he said to his mother, “Mom, I want to dance, too, like the deer lady as a beautiful dance.”
The elephant’s mother thought about it and said, “Silly boy, it is impossible, our limbs are as thick as pillars, and our body is like a wall, so we are not the material for dancing at all!”
“No, mother, I think I will learn to dance.”
From then on, whenever there was a dance, the little elephant went to attend. Still, it just stood aside and carefully pondered how the other animals moved their feet to the beat of the music when they danced and gradually worked out a set of dances that suited its figure. First of all, I thought I was tall and unsuitable for dancing like a deer, but my tall limbs are incomparable to other animals, I can use this advantage to tap dance, and my long nose can stretch freely into a variety of patterns.
When another dance began, the little elephant walked into the middle of the dance floor with a big smile. The music started, the little elephant with the exciting high-pitched beats and drums, dancing, with the rhythm of the music sound, the little elephant dance steps sometimes simple and clear, sometimes powerful, sometimes intonation, and sometimes passionate. Looking at the performance of the small elephant, the animals around the stage can not imagine that the small elephant performs the extremely difficult tap dance to the fullest.
Before the song was over, the animals left their seats and stood up, enchanted by the dance steps and powerful beat of the little elephant, and the thunderous applause drowned the whole stage.

“Never!” I can’t tell you how many positive notions that phrase has killed! Don’t hang on to it; don’t let others instill this negative attitude in you. If we are willing to give our time, spirit, and stamina, there is a “possible” solution to everything. Only by facing difficulties head-on can we overcome them and rise above them.

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