Cowardly rabbit – Don’t scare yourself with your imagination

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The little white rabbit went to the town to catch the market. When he returned home in the evening, he felt hungry and bought some bread from a stall by the roadside and sat there to gobble it up.

When the white rabbit finished eating the bread, it was completely dark, so it got up and hurried home. At this time, there were no pedestrians on the road, and the white rabbit could not help but have some fear in his heart.

Suddenly, the white rabbit heard a “clattering” sound behind it, and it was even more scared, so it hurriedly accelerated its pace.
Unexpectedly, the faster the white rabbit ran, the more urgent the clattering sound; the white rabbit hurriedly slowed down, and the clattering sound followed the slowdown.

“Oh my God, I must have run into a ghost.” The white rabbit was so scared that it cried out in fear. He cried, ran and shouted, “There are ghosts, help!”

In this way, the little white rabbit ran home crying and shouting.

“Boy, what’s wrong with you? Look at you, you’re sweating and your eyes are red with tears.” The mother rabbit asked.

“Mom, there’s a ghost! Close the door quickly.” As soon as the little white rabbit entered the door, his body went limp and sat down on his butt.

Unexpectedly sat, clattered loudly, and felt something under the buttocks; the little white rabbit was scared and shouted: “Mom, the ghost is under my butt, you quickly catch it!”

The rabbit’s mother brought the candle to see; it turned out to be a reed leaf stuck to the rabbit’s buttocks.

So it is in life. We are often not defeated by our enemies, but we scare ourselves with terrible imaginations before engaging with our opponents. In fact, with a healthy mindset, you will not be defeated by the difficulties that may occur. When you face problems calmly and rationally, you will find that: the so-called tests are often unbearable, and if you meet them bravely, the tests will bow down to you.

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