Cheetah and Fox – Don’t be a slave to your desires

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A cheetah and a fox were out hunting together. When it was almost dark, the fox said, “Brother cheetah, we have had enough hunting, let’s hurry home now.”
“Wait a little longer, I still want to hunt a big goat or something, today only caught a few small rabbits, just enough to fill our bellies, just like this to go home, will make people laugh. You are really too easy to satisfy!”
Suddenly, a goat jumped past them both. The cheetah immediately spread its four legs and chased after it. However, the road was dark and slippery, so he let go of his foot and rolled down the steep hill.
When the fox chased him down the hill, the cheetah only had one last breath left.
“Brother fox, please tell my son one thing: even if you have the whole world, you can only eat three meals a day and sleep in one bed at night!” After saying these words, the cheetah ran out of breath.

In life, people often complain that they are tired of living, but it is because they desire too much and want too much. Even if you have a lot of money, you can only have three meals a day and one seat a night, and you can’t take this wealth to another world. Why not change your mindset, change your way of life? Why not abandon the burden of desire? How wonderful it would be to enjoy life with ease and pleasure! When you reach the end of your life, looking back if your mind is only left with pearls and treasures, life is just a lifetime slave to desire; there is no beauty and joy to speak of; is it not a waste of life?

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