Centipede Buys Drinks – Evaluate Others Fully

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In the grass, a group of insects gathered for a dinner party. They chatted excitedly while happily eating delicious food. But they didn’t take long to drink all the drinks they had prepared.

In the absence of drinks, everyone was thirsty, so they discussed electing a representative to run errands to buy drinks for everyone, and the place selling drinks was far away. The insects thought that to solve this urgent thirst problem, they had to find a representative who could run exceptionally fast for such a task.

The group was talking, you say, I say, look around, pick and choose, and finally unanimously elected the centipede as a representative because they believed that the centipede’s feet are particularly many, running must be like a whirlwind of fast.

The centipede could not be excused, so he set up to buy drinks for everyone. The insects were relieved to continue to play and laugh and forgot to be thirsty for a while. After a long time, everyone looked around, anxiously wondering how the centipede had not returned.

When everyone was in a hurry, the praying mantis volunteered to run to find out what had happened. When it pushed open the door, only to find the centipede still crouched in the doorway hard, busy putting on shoes!

People often judge a person’s ability or personality based on their appearance. However, the chances of actually looking away are pretty high. After all, a person’s ability or character cannot be judged by appearance alone. In addition, people often have the preconceived bias that if they have long legs or many feet, they must run fast. However, like the centipede in the story, although it has many feet, it does not necessarily run as fast. Therefore, objectively assessing a person’s strengths and weaknesses is necessary.

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