Can the mentally disturbed Sea Can – Worry hurts the soul, but happiness is longevity.

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When he was leaving work, the turtle ran into his old classmate at the bus stop and wanted to ask him to go to a bar with him for a drink.
“No, I don’t want to go, I’m not in the mood.” The Sea can say, then ready to get on the bus.
The turtle pulled him and asked, “What’s wrong with you? It’s not raining today, why are you so gloomy?”
“The boss has rejected my marketing plan.” Can the Sea say sullenly?
“Just a little thing like that, it’s worth you being unhappy?” After the turtle finished speaking, he felt a little unbelievable and went to the bar alone.
The sea turtle met Sea Cane again at the bus stop a month later. This time, it found that Sea Can was much thinner than before, and his face was waxy as if he had been very sick.
“Man, are you sick?” The sea turtle asked with concern.
“No, it’s just that today the boss suddenly made a personnel adjustment to the company, and the sea anemone who joined the company later than me became my supervisor. Alas, it’s hard to understand.”
“You should be more open-minded, maybe Aoi is really better than you in some way.”
“Better than me? No way! My education is higher than it, seniority is older than it ……,” said the Sea can be indignant.
A year later, the sea turtle never met the Sea can at the bus stop. It is said that it suddenly lost its mind and was sent to a psychiatric hospital by its family.
If you do not want to repeat the mistakes of the Sea can, we must establish the “three pleasures,” “helpers,” and “self-gratification.” “spirit, this is the rare life, but also the most important one.
Because they are full of confidence in themselves, find joy, and have health. Therefore, do not cause mood swings because of some trivial things, be more understanding of others, more see the merits of others; when the competition fails, do not be discouraged, but find their shortcomings and lessons learned to try again. Any discouragement is not good for the cause nor good for health.

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