Bury the pain with a smile to see the sunshine of hope

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As the saying goes, “life is not as it seems,” and everyone’s life is inevitably subject to various disappointments. In the face of these, pain is inevitable and expected. But people can not live a lifetime in misery. To get rid of the word “pain” entanglement, the best and simplest way than to smile.
Do you know the book “bury the pain with a smile”? Elizabeth Conley has these thought-provoking words in her book: “People, they cannot get stuck in the mire of pain. When we encounter a reality that is possible to change, we have to work toward the best; when we encounter a reality that is impossible to change, no matter how painful it makes people unbearable, we have to face it bravely, try to keep smiling, and bury the pain with a smile.”
“Bury the pain with a smile,” let’s see how Elizabeth Conley did it.
During World War II, when she celebrated the Allied victory in North Africa, Elisabeth Conley received the sad news that her only son had died in battle. The information immediately drove her to the brink of collapse, but it was her dearest son, the family she depended on! For Elizabeth, the loss of her son’s life lost its meaning; when she was discouraged, she packed her bags, ready to leave this sad place.
While packing her things, Elizabeth found a yellowed cowhide bag with a letter from her son, which he had written when he first joined the army. With tears in her eyes, she opened the letter and saw her son’s familiar words: “Please rest assured, mother, that I will never forget what you have taught me. No matter where I am or what disasters I encounter, I will face life with courage and be able to bear all the misfortune and pain with a smile like a real man. I will always follow your example, and your smile will always be in my heart.” Her son’s letter brought tears to Elizabeth’s eyes like a fountain, and she read it over and over again as if she saw her son beside her, looking at herself with those burning eyes and asking with concern, “Dear mother, why can’t you do what you taught me to do?”
Thinking about this, Elizabeth dismissed the idea of leaving her home and decided to start life anew. At this point, she had only one belief: she could only save herself; she wanted to bury the pain with a smile and continue living tenaciously. However, they cannot change the status quo but can continue to live. With such a belief, Elizabeth began her creative journey. Later, her “Bury the Pain with a Smile” became a world bestseller and brought Elizabeth the honor of being an outstanding writer.
“Bury the pain with a smile in order to see the sunshine of hope.” How well Elizabeth says it! She used her own experience to let us deeply understand the true meaning of life: a person suffering from pain is inevitable, avoidance is to escape, only to accept the pain to get out of the pain, and with a smile to meet the challenge of pain, burying the pain of torture, nature will usher in another side of life.
Imagine, if Elizabeth’s son’s death nagging, hard to forget, all day sad face, and even grief, to tears, what is the use of doing so? Both to no avail and a waste of time and energy, and will be derived from more pain, I’m afraid her life will also be spent in pain. You know, the more you moan and lament, the more painful it will be inside.
Dark clouds have time to clear, scars have a day to heal, people can not choose a pain-free fate, then learn to smile! If you smile at life, then happiness will become the eternal tone of your life; your life will also be full of joy, and you will feel the infinite beauty of life. The heavier the burden, the more laughing and crying are, also picking. If you’re unhappy with your life, you win if you smile and get through it.
Why does a smile have such fantastic power? This is because a smile is an attitude to life; it can reflect our mindset. The positive people will choose to smile because they believe that the negative will come; confident people will choose to smile because they are ready for life …… “Bury the pain with a smile seems to be Elizabeth’s helpless confession, but she is open-minded and optimistic after the ordeal.
The mirror smiles and the mirror will give us back a smile; life and life will be to us to open a smile. Don’t overthink the pain in life; it’s just the norm; always keep smiling, and enjoy life in this simple and direct way; life will guide us to the dawn sooner or later. This is the beauty of simplicity above all else.
Now, pick up the corners of your mouth, stretch your eyebrows, and smile.

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