Boar and Weasel – Don’t despise the weak.

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The boar despised the weasel and often deliberately used its mouth to arch the weasel’s hole. For this reason, the weasel repeatedly went to the Lion King and complained about the wild boar’s barbaric behaviour.

After investigation, the lion king found that what the weasel said was true and then chastised the boar and ordered it to keep grinding its teeth when it had nothing to do. Deterred by the Lion King’s authority, the boar became well-behaved for some and did not bother the weasel but ground its teeth on the tree trunk, so the weasel lived a peaceful life.

Later, when the boar saw that the lion king had relaxed his control, it once again arched the weasel’s hole and ate its four cubs while the weasel was out hunting for food.

When the weasel came home, it happened to see all this. In grief and anger, it rushed toward the boar and let out a loud fart right at the boar, which was immediately smothered by the sudden stench. When the boar woke up, it had lost one eye, which it knew was the work of the weasel. When it got up to look for the weasel’s revenge, the weasel had already fled without a trace.

The wild boar with one blind eye became a laughing stock for other animals after tea and dinner. The fox used to laugh and say to his son.

“How stupid the boar is, a huge thing, to be defeated by a small weasel!”
Belittling the weak and bullying the weak is shameful, and you must remember this saying. After going into society, when a person’s behaviour is too aggressive or damages the fundamental interests of others, he will rise against them even if the other party is weak; and those so-called strong people may fall at the feet of the weak forever and never have the chance to turn over.

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