Beggar and the rich man – life needs to be more than a point of indifference, less a point of desire.

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There is a beggar in the rich man’s home begging. Usually, the rich man’s red door is always closed, and even if open, will stand two concierges, not to mention the beggar dressed in rags; the average person is also difficult to approach.
However, the rich man is a kind elder; as long as he sees the poor beggar when he goes out, he will always ask the concierge to take some things to them, so, in the rich man’s home, far away from the place where there are often beggars and poor watch.
On this day, a beggar with a shiny bowl decided to the rich man’s door to try his luck. The beggar never thought the rich man’s entry was not closed, leaving a small gap and no concierge guard; he will step boldly from the door into the hole. The door is a big mansion, surrounded by the estate is a beautiful garden; it is spring, and the most beautiful flowers on earth, like lilies, roses, peonies, azaleas, and cherry blossoms, are in full bloom in the garden.
The beggar had never seen such a beautiful sight, and he was immediately stunned by the extraordinary beauty. “Hey! What do you want?”
The beggar was awakened by the shout behind him, returned to his senses, and turned his head to see that it was the benevolent rich man.
“Me! Me! I! I just want to come and beg for something.” The beggar said, holding up the very polished mantle in his hand.
“Wow! You don’t have to be afraid, no beggar ever had the opportunity to stand so close to me, today, whatever you want, I will give you.” The rich man smiled and said.
The beggar said: “You do not promise too early, and do not be complacent, you may not be able to do, you may regret it.”
The rich man said, “Tell me instead, what do you want?”
“Look at the bowl in my hand, as long as I can fill it, I’m satisfied,” said the beggar, “Master! You can put anything in it, the only condition is that it must be filled up! Master! You still have time to say no ah?”
“Ha! Ha!” The wealthy man laughed loudly, “You probably don’t know who I am, do you? I am the wealthiest man in this country, not to mention filling your small bowl with food, even if it is filled with diamonds, pearls, and onyx; why is it difficult? Fine! I promise I will fill your mantle even if I exhaust my family’s wealth: I will never regret it, don’t you worry!
The rich man immediately asked the family to the treasury to get a box of gold and silver treasures, the beggar’s bowl filled. Strangely, a whole package than the bowl of gold and silver treasures dozens of times more significant than the bowl all poured in; the bowl is not complete. The rich man asked the family to take a whole cabinet of silk and satin, the most beautiful clothes out, the beggar’s bowl filled. Strangely, an entire wardrobe than the bowl hundreds of times larger than the beautiful clothes and ornaments are poured in, but the bowl is still not complete. The rich man then asked the family to carry out all the rice, food, and wine, fill the beggar’s bowl. It is more strange than the beggar’s bowl; on the thousands of times the food has poured in, the bowl is still not complete.
The rich man did not understand what was going on. Will, all the family gathered, all the things at home, whether worth or worthless, useful or useless, all stuffed into the beggar’s bowl, it is unimaginable that the bowl was still not enough. The rich man is not only kind but also very faithful; he finasellssold the real estate into the beggar’s bowl. The bowl is still full as if never filled.
By dusk, the rich man’s everything is poured into the bowl; he has become a beggar holding a bowl.
The rich man, who already had nothing for the beggar, fell and said: “You must be the gods, with a magical bowl to test me, enlighten me! Please ask the gods what exactly you want to give me a revelation! Please forgive me for repeatedly ignoring your reminders; proud of their wealth, please tell me a revelation!”
The beggar pulled the rich man up and said: “I am neither a god, nor any revelation, I am just a most ordinary, used to stand in front of your house waiting for food beggar ah!”
The rich man said: “then, can you please, tell me the origin of this bowl, so small how can the bowl even all the things in the world can not be filled?”
While touching the bowl in his hand, the beggar said, “I am a poor beggar, so poor that I can not even afford to buy a bowl. One day I was sleeping in the cemetery, and I inadvertently picked up a dead man’s skull; it looks like the shape of the bowl, in order not to let people see it is the skull, so I polished the bowl very very shiny. Strangely enough, this skull, though small, could not be filled with anything no matter what I put in it, just like a living person whose mind could not be filled with anything in the world. This mantle has scattered the fortunes of many a proud rich man on this journey of begging, my lord! That is why, in the beginning, I warned you again and again!”

One of the root causes of unhappiness in life is too much desire, and we can unwittingly become slaves to it. Desire is the driving force of human beings, and it is difficult for people to have no desire. Still, we should be alert to our desires, have some restraint, free up some of the space occupied by our desires, and make our life a little more indifferent, which is essential for each of us. With a normal heart to face the various temptations in life, we will get more and lose less.

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