Bad-hearted frog – bad intentions eventually harm themselves.

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In the pond, a frog is racking its brains for ideas, and it wants to eat a mouse that lives in a hole on the shore. But it knows that the mouse does not trust itself; if it jumped to the shore, it would certainly go into the hole to hide. So, the frog had to think hard and wait for the opportunity.
The summer came, the weather was very hot, and the frog had a bright idea; it thought the opportunity had come.
So the frog swam to the shore, deliberately said loudly and incessantly: “So cool, can swim in the pond, really an unparalleled enjoyment!”
The mouse hiding in the hole was unbearably hot, and after hearing the frog’s words, he was envious. He couldn’t resist climbing out of the hole and said to the frog, “Brother frog, is it really cool to swim in the pond?”
“Of course!” The frog was delighted and said enthusiastically, “Mouse, come down, it will be cooler!”
“But I don’t know how to swim!” The mouse said regretfully.
“It’s okay if you can’t swim, let me teach you!” The frog patted his head and said.
“But I am still afraid of being sunk in the water and drowned.” The mouse was still uneasy and said.
“Let’s do it this way, I’ll go ashore first, and use the rope to tie you and I together, so you won’t sink.”
The mouse saw the frog so enthusiastic that it nodded and agreed.
The frog went ashore, tied the mouse and himself together, and jumped into the water with a “flutter”.
“Ah, it’s really cool!” The mouse just opened its mouth, the water into its stomach; the frog also deliberately dived to the bottom of the pond; the mouse struggled a few times, then drowned.
With a heart full of joy, the smug frog decided to surface and have a good meal. But when it came to the surface, an eagle hovering over the pond spotted it and swooped down on it. The frog was terrified and tried to dive under the water to escape, but the mouse’s body was still floating in the water, its legs were still tied to it, and the eagle caught the frog because of its slow movement.
The frog was overwhelmed by greed; it only cared about the immediate benefits and forgot the consequences of this matter. The same applies to people; once the desire to harm others takes over, they lose their senses and often do not care much, just like the mouse tied to the frog.
A person backstabbing others, but also often because of the bad things they do and becomes a burden on their own when the doom comes because they can not get out and bury their lives.

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