A wolf disguised as a shepherd.

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There was a wolf who hadn’t eaten lamb for several days. He was hungry and greedy and decided to go out to look for food. Suddenly, it had a bright idea that if it disguised itself as a shepherd, it could cheat the sheep’s trust and finally eat them.
So, it put on the shepherd’s costume, put on the shoulder, found a wooden stick as a shepherd’s staff, to pretend to be more like it, did not forget to bring the shepherd’s flute, and wrote on the hat: “My name is Guyo, is the shepherd of this group of sheep.” He learned to grasp the shepherd’s staff with his front paws and crept closer to the sheep. The real shepherd, Guyot, was lying in the grass, sleeping. His dog, most of the sheep, and his flute did not make a sound as if they had all gone to sleep.
To drive some sheep into the dense forest, the disguised wolf imitated Cuyo’s voice and added a few yells, but it was revealed that the wolf’s howl was not like the shepherd’s voice, and the fierce sound awakened everyone. Everyone shouted and was beaten, and the poor wolf tripped over his attire, so he had to wait for his hands to be tied.
Even a liar can cheat as much as he wants, but he will be exposed one day.

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