A small flower and a big pine tree – Seeing with a developmental perspective

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On the mountain, a small, unknown flower grows under a tall pine tree. The little flower feels lucky because the big pine tree is like an umbrella to protect it from the wind and rain. Therefore, the little flower rests on its laurels every day and happily enjoys the shelter of the big pine tree.
One day, loggers came to the mountain; they sawed down the big pine tree and quickly carried it down the hill.
The little flower, which had lost its protective umbrella, worried about its future. So it said in anguish.
“God! People have taken away my umbrella, and from now on those arrogant winds will bend my waist, and the pouring rain will break my petals and scatter my branches, and I will never have a good life again!”
“Oh! My son, your good days are precisely ahead of you!” Another tree in the distance said to the little flower, “If you think about it differently, you will find that without the big pine tree, the sun will shine on you, the rain will moisten you; your weak body will grow stronger, and your blooming petals will appear one by one in the brilliant sunlight. When people see you, they will praise you for your loveliness. Don’t you want to live such a day?”

In life, when you suddenly lose something that you thought you could rely on for a long time, pain and sadness are inevitable. But as long as you change your way of thinking from another perspective to see the problem, you will find that in the loss, at the same time, you can also gain a lot. After the baptism of frustration, you will be able to become firm and confident and, therefore, will be praised by others.

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