A reformed fox – there is a way back in life.

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Among the animals, the fox is famous for its cunning and greed. Therefore, as soon as the fox goes out, rabbits and chickens will stay away from it to avoid being cheated by its tricks and becoming its meal. The lions, elephants and other powerful animals did not like it either because they hated the fox for always doing something to steal chickens and dogs, which ruined the reputation of the animal kingdom. Gradually, the animals moved away from it and distanced themselves from it.
One day, when the fox suddenly found himself without a friend, he was very sad, but he did not know why, so he went to the wise goat for advice.
“It was your own evil deeds that did you in!” The goat hit the nail on the head and pointed out.
“Then what else can be done to save it?” “Of course there is. The sea of suffering is boundless, turn back is the shore, as long as you reform, naturally will also win back the hearts of the people.”
So, the fox reformed itself and was bent on doing good. He took the initiative to help the shepherd herd the sheep, to help the old and weak deer to cut the grass, to help the rabbit carry the radish, and to help the goose look after the newly laid eggs.
Later, the fox’s reputation was celebrated everywhere in the animal kingdom, and even the hunters put away their shotguns when they saw them. The fox finally won back the respect of the animals with his practical actions.

As the saying goes, the prodigal son returns to the gold.
Everyone can make mistakes, and it is important to know how to correct them after making them. Once make a mistake does not mean that you are inferior from now on; never get ahead of the day. If you turn back in time, do not give up on yourself, and have the determination to correct, everything is not too late.
A person who can learn from past lessons is more likely to be successful, and not a person who has made mistakes is forever set in the ranks of bad or useless people. If you can remember the painful lessons of the past, be brave and optimistic to say goodbye to the past and look at the future squarely, then you will still be a noble person and a person worthy of others’ respect.

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