A puppy who lost his ears – Loss is not always a bad thing

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A puppy whose ears were cut off by its owner cried, “God! What did I do wrong to make my master do this to me? Without my ears, I am so ugly. What face can I have to meet my companions?”

One day, this puppy bumped into a wolf in the wild. While fighting with the wolf, the puppy suddenly felt the benefit of losing its ear, for its ear was gone, and the wolf didn’t know where to put its mouth. The puppy thus saved his life.

Although the puppy in the fable lost both ears, it saved its life, and such a loss was worthwhile. By the same token, when you lose something by accident one day, even if it is precious, you should not be overly sad because God does not give too much to everyone. It is important to know that life is not just a matter of taking and giving. There are gains and losses, and even gains are losses, and losses are gains. If you want to pursue the highest level of life, don’t take gains and failures too seriously.

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