A paper boat’s dream – with a dream in your heart, you have a direction to live.

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A paper boat and a pile of garbage met on the beach by the sea.
“Hey, where are you going?” The trash asked.
“I want to wait for the wind to pick up, float into the sea on the wind, and then go sailing.” The paper boat said.
“A voyage? Don’t forget that you are made of paper. You are not a body of steel, you’d better give up this ridiculous idea before it’s too late.”
“No, it is my dream to go sailing in the sea, and I will not give up.”
“But, once you enter the sea, you are in danger of sinking! You are so stupid, you might as well stay with me. Look at me, sunbathing every day, listening to the sound of the waves, how comfortable life is!”
The paper boat ignored the words of the trash. A gust of wind blew, and the paper boat fell into the sea with the wind and slowly drifted far away.
“Idiot, it is simply self-destructive!” Garbage said coldly.
“Even if the paper boat sinks, its life is eternal, because, it has dreams and pursuits. And you? It’s just a pile of garbage that everyone hates, and besides, you can’t stay here for long.” A sea turtle said to the garbage.

Madame Curie said, “I’m going to turn life into a scientific dream, and then I’m going to turn that dream into reality.” Daring to dream is the most basic psychological quality of successful people. A life with dreams is a wonderful life. Even if we lose a lot in the process of pursuing our dreams, even if it is our life, we can proudly say that such a life is fulfilling, and we did not live in vain. Believe in your dream; it will bring miracles to your life.

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