A mouse’s joke – forgetfulness is the bane of failure

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A cat had a full meal, yawned without washing its face, and fell asleep with a whimper. However, it forgot that it still had cream on its nose. At this time, a hungry mouse, smelling the scent of the cream, too late to see the surrounding situation, recklessly opened his mouth to bite, “ouch!” A scream, awakened by the cat’s pain, did not understand what happened, has long fled. Word spread, and the reckless mouse became a household name in the rat kingdom, where his companions regarded him as a fearless warrior and the pride of the rodents.
“You have given us a breath of fresh air, before only we saw the cat fled, today it is surprising that the cat escaped. For the first time in the history of our rodents, you will forever be in the history books.” From then on, wherever the rat hero went, there were flowers and cheers, and the pretty rat ladies were all kind to him. In this way, the hero slowly believed that he was the cat’s nemesis, toeing the line.
Not long after, the mouse warrior ran into the unlucky cat again. He was secretly happy that this time he could show off his skills again, give the cat a serious injury, scratch its eyes, and win higher honor and respect with a bigger victory. But how can it be the cat’s opponent not only did not catch a bargain but is bruised, and the tail was also bitten in half? If not by chance, with a little resourcefulness, almost life.
The news again stirred the whole rat country. This time it was not welcomed with flowers and cheers, but with a flood of curses and spittle: “Coward! Clown! What a disgrace! ……” the hero of the past no one cared anymore, not to mention the favor of the mouse girls, is to walk also have to hide half tail, head down.
In real life, many of us are often like this mouse; sometimes, it is not the result of our efforts but misunderstood by others, or hard to take credit in our name, so they seem to have become a great person; they forget about it. But the end is also often like a mouse, in their head dizzy when to do something they are not competent in, the results can be imagined.
Even if they succeed in their ability, keep a clear head and never forget it; because of their complacency, it is often easy to make mistakes.

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