A monkey who with a mind – turning ridicule into motivation

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In the monkey kingdom, there is a rule that a tree climbing competition is held every year in May.
The monkey Mola is tall and handsome but very lazy, he does not like to work since he was a child, and all the food he eats depends on his parents; moreover, he does not like to exercise, he does not like to climb up and down in the trees, even if it is swinging in the trees, or to pick fruits from the fruit trees, he is not interested in it. He knows to sleep in his cave all day long and often dreams of getting a wife.
This year’s tree climbing competition show will be extra grand because there are many monkeys from outside the mountain to participate; the Monkey King of Mount Huaguo with his daughter Princess Lucy also came.
While eating breakfast, Moira heard from her parents that many guests were watching the competition today and that many were young and beautiful monkey ladies. When Moira heard this, she hurriedly put down her food and slipped into the competition. He darted in and out of the monkeys and suddenly spotted Princess Lucy beside the Monkey King, who was exceptionally beautiful.
At the opening ceremony, Moira graciously invited Princess Lucy to dance, but Princess Lucy coldly refused it: “Hm, please stand far away, I hate to be blocked from view by idle playboys like you.” At the same time, she showed a look of contempt for Moira.
Moira saw the snub, was very annoyed, and was about to get angry; the Monkey King said to it: “boy, how come you are not ready to participate in today’s race? I see that you are tall and have long limbs; you should be a master tree climber!”
Moira bowed her head and slunk back home in shame.
Moira ran away from home, leaving a letter to her parents: “Please don’t look for me, I want to work hard and make some pleasant and convincing achievements.”
Exactly five years later, today happens to be another tree climbing competition event, only this year, this event is particularly significant because it is the 100th tree climbing competition conference.
What is especially attractive is that the old monkey king has issued a decree: whoever wins the championship in this competition can marry Princess Lucy as his wife, and himself, due to his old age and frailty, will give the throne to the future sidekick.
The young monkeys were so excited that they all fist-pumped and vowed to fight for the first place. At the end of the competition, the result surprised the audience because the winner was a monkey whose name nobody could name.
The Monkey King and Princess Lucy were so happy to see the young monkey who won the championship was tall and handsome that they got up to greet him.
The young monkey bowed deeply to the Monkey King and Princess Lucy and said.
“Dear Monkey King and Princess Lucy, do you still know me?”
“Son, this is exactly the question I want to ask you, what is your name? How come there is no introduction of you on the competition list?” The Monkey King said.
The young monkey kneeled on both knees and replied respectfully, “Dear Monkey King, I am the Mora who ran away five years ago; I ran away from home in order to exercise a good skill of climbing trees and to support myself by learning to work, and the change in my thinking, all thanks to what Princess Lucy said back then.”
Princess Lucy hurriedly hands up Moira, “I will always adore you.” Princess Lucy affectionately said to Moira. In this way, to the cheers of the monkeys, Moira and Princess Lucy walked down the aisle.

This story tells us to learn to regulate our mood and not to care too much about other people’s ridicule. Still, if we turn ridicule into the motivation to move forward, we can change our situation.

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