A missionary’s strange encounter – only by changing yourself can you change your life

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A missionary had a rare blood disease and had to drink fresh goat’s milk daily.

One day, the missionary came to a tribe he had never been to before, and the chief of the tribe instantly fell in love with the missionary’s goat. At that time, according to the local custom, everything owned by the villagers, as long as the chief wanted it, was naturally considered the leader’s property. To respect the traditions of the local tribe, the missionary had no choice but to offer the goat to the chief even though he knew that what he was giving away was the very pillar of his life extension!

The chief was so pleased with the missionary’s generosity that he gave the minister a long walking stick that he had in his hand in return.

When the missionary returned home, he said sadly to his servant, “I have given that goat to the chief, and without its milk, I fear I shall die soon!”
The servant turned to the missionary and said, astonished, “Master, do you not know what the chief has given you? That is the scepter, the symbol of supreme power in the tribe. Now, whatever you want in this whole tribe, you can get it for nothing!”

In real life, we also often face disappointment and frustration; no matter how great the disaster we face, the most important thing is to realize that if we have positive thoughts, we can make a difference in our situation. We can turn the “bamboo stick” into a “wand. “

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