A fox running for his life – don’t do anything to harm others

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A fox was being chased by hounds and was running for his life. The fox asked the magpie, who was singing on the branch of a tree, for help.
The magpie said, “Run east, there is an old man who lives in a small wooden house to the east, he is kind and benevolent and has saved the lives of many animals!”

“Okay.” The fox finished speaking and fled eastward in a panic.

When the fox knocked on the old man’s door to explain his intention, the old man coldly refused, “No, you stole my only old hen last time, which is my only family property! I was just about to settle the score with you, but now I don’t have to do it, the hounds will clean you up for me.” When the older man finished, he closed the door.

Seeing this, the magpie in the tree said to the fox, “Run west, there is a stone house where a kind and lovely girl lives, and I think she will save your life.”

After hearing this, the fox fled again in terror towards the west.

When the fox came to the stone house and explained his intention, the little girl waved the leather whip in her hand and said, “You bad guy, last time you stole and ate one of my sheep, I am ready to settle accounts with you, even if the hounds do not chase and bite you, I will not let you go.” Said, raising the hand of the whip. The fox hurriedly spread his four legs and fled.

At that moment, the magpie shouted again, “Hurry up and run north, there is a tent where an animal protector lives, and he will surely be willing to help you, for he is the savior of the animals.”

After hearing this, the fox hurriedly ran toward the north again.

When the fox arrived at the tent and explained his intention, the animal protector coldly refused: “Friend, although I am an animal protector, my main task is to appeal to people not to kill you indiscriminately. However, I will not tolerate a guy who steals the only beer I have.” After saying that, the animal protector raised a used for defense, shiny dagger.

When the fox saw it, he fled again in disarray. Seeing this, the magpie in the tree sighed, “So that’s how it is, you can’t escape the sharp claws of the hounds today. However, this ending is of your own making.”

The fox was just about to open his mouth to argue, but the hound had already pounced on him, and with just one blow, the hound bit off the fox’s throat.
When the fox fell, he lamented, “Indeed, this ending is of my own making!”
Unfortunately, the fox woke up too late.

All human behavior is a mirror of himself. When you treat others with warmth, you reap gratitude; when you treat others with bad words and actions, you will also get indifference. Of course, if you want to get the support and help of others in times of difficulty, then in ordinary daily life, you should know how to pay; if you ask or use more despicable means to get what you want, then when you are in trouble, there will be no one to lend you a helping hand.

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