A Different Wolf–Changing Perceptions to Change Life

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One day, when the wolf saw that the tiger was in a dull mood, he asked why. The tiger said, “I envy the little lion too much. His father is the king of beasts, and the little lion can inherit the throne in the future without working hard. My father is the lion’s subject, and I will only be the lion’s servant in the future, how sad my life is!”
“Why should we put our hope of changing our fate on others? As long as we change this backward concept, we can change our own life.” The wolf said.
Later, this wolf broke a leg by biting the young lion who had to inherit the throne in a battle. How could a crippled lion become the king of all animals?
So the wolf ascended to the throne. It did not rely on the strength of its parents or external power but on itself! It knew how to change its perception, so it changed its fate too.
Who will decide your life? Is it your parents? Is it a teacher? Is it a leader? Is it a friend? Or relatives? None of them! We, created by us, decide our life! And the way is simple, change your perception, and you can change your life!
It is not enough for a person to rely on hard work and perseverance if he wishes to make substantial progress. The only way is to change one’s perception and leap from the flat to the top, and that’s the first thing a successful person has to do!

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