A deer that is greedy for enjoyment – Be prepared for danger in peace

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On the mountain, a deer was chased by a hunter and ran into a farmer’s sheep pen in a panic. One of the sheep kindly advised it, saying.

“Hey, man! Why do you seek your own death in this way, that you dare to stay in the house of your enemy?”

“My friend, if you will let me stay here, I will find a suitable opportunity to escape.” The deer replied.

When it was dark, the farmer came to feed his sheep but did not see the deer. The deer was very thankful that he was safe and grateful for the sheep who helped him in the nick of time. However, one of the sheep advised it again, saying.

“We do hope you are safe, but the danger has not passed. It is customary for the mistress to come into the sheep pen later to check on you, and until she arrives, your life is still in danger.” But the deer took a chance and was unwilling to leave immediately.

After a while, the mistress did come into the sheep pen. She went around the sheep pen to check the number of sheep, and suddenly she found the antlers of the deer protruding from the hay. So she called the farmer to her, and the two of them caught the deer together and slaughtered it.

If the deer did not take a chance, not lust for temporary peace, in time to find a safe place, it would not become the mistress of the plate of food.

Greed for enjoyment is often a precursor to a big mistake, to know that life can not remain unchanged, always calm and quiet. In the days of comfort, you have to be more vigilant to leave a way back for yourself in case of misfortune so that when danger comes, you can also have the opportunity to retreat in one piece.

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