A bird living in a cage – happiness has to be found by itself.

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A bird living in a cage lives a comfortable life. The wind does not blow, the rain does not rain, every day the master will arrange its food and drink, and it only needs to sing to people every day.
But one day, the bird suddenly thought it wanted to go to heaven. So it went to ask God.
God asked the bird, “Is it bad that you are not worried about food and drink now?”
The bird replied, “But the cage is too small and I am not free.”
So God put the bird to live in heaven.
A year later, God suddenly remembered the bird and went to see it.
He asked the bird, “Ah, my child, how are you doing?”
The bird replied, “Thank God, I am living well.”
“So, can you tell us what it’s like to live in heaven?” God said sincerely.
The bird let out a long sigh and said, “Alas, everything is good here, except that the cage is too big, and I can’t fly to the edge anyhow, so I don’t feel really happy.”
“Happiness depends on your own search, to feel, if you do not have a happy heart, even if you are given heaven, you are not destined to get happiness, let alone happiness.” After God finished speaking, he waved his sleeves and left.

“Happiness is an attitude, not a state. Happiness can only depend on oneself, not on others. If a person puts his hope in others, he will not be happy for a long time.” Whether a person is happy cannot be measured by the number of material things he has. Happiness comes from the human mind, and it needs you to find and feel it yourself in life. By the same token, if we measure Happiness by the number of material things we enjoy, we will never be able to taste Happiness.

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